Thursday, August 20, 2015

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*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*
"When I was your age, I had to walk 8 feet through thick shag rug to change the TV channel . . ."

1)  POP GOES THE WEASEL . . .  We live in amazing times.  Last week, James Patterson released Alert (9780316407038) 28.00 his 131st book.  In a contest reminiscent of Barry Bonds chasing Hank Aaron's home run total, if Mr. Patterson can stay healthy (and this means no writer's block, carpel tunnel, tendinitis, etc.), I calculate that he will overtake Isaac Asimov in December of 2022.  By the way, Mr. Asimov is considered by many to be the most prolific author with 469 titles to his credit, and I will admit that in my misspent youth I read a good portion of them.  So how exactly does Patterson do it?  I'm glad you asked!  I would suggest you start here: .  Yes, you read right, the James Patterson Masterclass Course.  For the low, low price of $90, you, too, can write exciting titles like the upcoming Murder House (9780316410984) 28.00.  You can't make this stuff up . . .


 2)  ALONG CAME A SPIDER . . .  Now, on the flipside, if Mardi Jo Link was offering a Masterclass on true crime writing, I'd pay $90.  Heck, I might even pay more.  Ms. Link was in the Lansing area at Schuler Books in Okemos last week, and we have some signed copies of some of her books.  She signed copies of her latest one, The Drummond Girls (9781455554744) 26.00 and a few of Wicked Takes the Witness Stand (9780472051694) 26.95.  As per usual for signed copies, first come, first served . . .


3)  YOU'VE BEEN WARNED . . .  Unless you've been stranded on Mars for the past year, I'm sure you are aware that adult coloring books have been the next big thing in the book business.  These are a few of the more popular titles:

Just Add Color Mandelas (9781438006130) 8.99
Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch (9780992777753) 13.00
Day of the Dead (9781574219616) 9.99
Mandela Magic (9781438006383) 12.99
Color Yourself Calm (9781438007137) 12.99


  Of course, we're taking backorders on the two perennial favourites by Johanna Basford, Secret Garden (9781780671062) 15.95 and Enchanted Forest (9781780674889) 15.95.  Also, Johanna's new coloring book, Lost Ocean (9780143108993) 16.95, releases on October 27. Also, we are expecting the Studio Series Colored Pencil Set (Set of 30) (9781441314512) 14.99 in here in about a week to ten days.  These are premium pencils that are a necessity for any coloring book. I don't think this fad is going away any time soon.


Odds & Sods

Speaking of Mars, we have the tie-ins in stock for Matt Damon's upcoming movie, The Martian (9781101903582) 15.00 trade paper and (9781101905005) 9.99 mass market by Andy Weir.  The movie releases worldwide on October 2 . . .

Also, if Haruki Murakami was offering a Masterclass, I would be the first one in line.  And in a sense, the release of his first two books in English for the first time, Wind / Pinball (9780385352123) 25.95 helps us understand how Murakami became the author he is today.  In the same vein, Cormac McCarthy's new book, The Passenger is slated for 2016 . . .

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