Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sir Charles Edmund Wilson III

*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*
"Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves
not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires . . ."
                                         --John Steinbeck

Dearest Mick--

  I have decided to throw my hat in the ring as a presidential candidate for the Grand Old Party.  Chip, my loyal manservant, and I had just returned from meeting with my lawyer and our exploratory committee in New York, when we found your package delivered courtesy of the parcel post.  Mick, I can already see you making an obscene hand gesture and rolling your eyes, but hang on a moment and listen to my argument.  People like Donald Trump because he is rich and he is not afraid to offend people.  I buy and sell Donald Trumps daily and I can offend people so well that I make Don Rickles look like a choir boy.  Sounds like presidential timber to me.
  The other likely candidate for the upcoming election is Hillary.  Her strength seems to be that she is unlikeable.  (And I have that in spades.)  In fact, Ed Klein is back to do a hatchet job on Ms. Clinton with his new title Unlikeable (9781621573784) 29.99.  As for your hippie Bernie Sanders, Americans do not want the government to actually help them.  They want their America to be the beach bully in the Charles Atlas commercials -- an America that will kick sand in the face of every country and dare them to do something about it.

  As for your books, I was excited to see the new Jack Reacher novel, Make Me (9780804178778) 28.99 by Lee Child in your box.  Jack Reacher reminds me of my good friend James T. West, who was immortalized in the TV show Wild Wild West.  If you are looking for a donut shop, call a cop -- if you want your crime solved, call Jack Reacher.

  I see you have also sent a copy of Brian Selznick's new work The Marvels (9780545448680) 23.99, which is perfect for children from 9 to 100 years old.  You may not know this, but I grew up with his grandfather's cousin David O. Selznick, who asked me many years ago if he should take a chance on a movie based on a book by a first-time author named Margaret Mitchell.  The rest, as they say, is history.

  Finally, Chip was excited to get his hands on the Guinness World Records 2016 (9781910561027) 28.95.  You may be unaware that I have twelve different entries in the current Guinness Book.  [Ed. note:  I am well aware.]  But I will not bore you with that right now.  I have a presidential campaign to launch.  And I am still trying to unearth my birth certificate.  As always, thank you so much for the books, hockey puck.

                                                             Warmest Regards,
                                                            Sir Charles Edmund Wilson III
Odds & Sods

I was excited to get my hands on the new China Mieville short story collection, Three Moments of an Explosion (9781101884720) 27.00.  There is nobody better than Mr. Mieville in the sci-fi / fantasy genre right now.  It is next on my docket after I finish Jeff Vandermeer's Area X (9780374261177) 35.00, which is also known as the Southern Reach trilogy . . .


I just finished Ron Geesin's book about his collaboration with Pink Floyd on the album 'Atom Heart Mother' called The Flaming Cow (9780752486154) 29.95.  The foreward was by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.  Maybe Steve Hamilton does need to write a book on Nick . . .

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