Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ye Olde Partners Page

*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*
"Rainy day, dream away
Ah let the sun take a holiday
Flowers bathe an' ah see the children play
Lay back and groove on a rainy day . . ."
                                                          --Jimi Hendrix, Rainy Day, Dream Away

1)  WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW . . .  Poetry.  Sweet, sweet poetry.  It's not even National Poetry Month and there are a couple of poets on the bestseller lists.  There are three poets that actually sell well: Mary Oliver, Billy Collins, and Seamus Heaney.  And Seamus Haney is dead.  [Julie mentioned that our own Joyce Benvenuto, author of A Grand River (9781933272320) 15.95 could replace Mr. Heaney on my list, but we'll check back when she has a more extensive body of work.]  Fortunately for poetry lovers, Mary Oliver has released Dog Songs (9781594204784) 26.95 and Billy Collins is featuring his collection of greatest hits in Aimless Love (9780679644057).  [Not only is Aimless Love a brilliant title, but I believe it would make a great name for a rock band.  Protip: Women really dig his poem The Lanyard.]  I expect both of these titles to continue popping through the holidays.  Poetry is the gift that keeps giving . . .


2)  CASTLES MADE OF SAND . . .  Well, I'm sure you've heard the kerfuffle novelist MacKenzie Bezos has created with her book review of Brad Stone's The Everything Store (9780316219266) 28.00 on her husband's website.  Most other reviews I've read were impressed with Mr. Stone's even-handed portrayal of the behind the scenes machinations at the online behemoth.  Not so for Ms. Bezos.  She is not happy.  You can read her scathing response on his bookpage on under the header: I wanted to like this book.  Oh snap!  Unfortunately, Ms. Bezos is unaware of a thing we call the 'Streisand effect' or what I like to call the 'Satanic Verses effect'.  Even negative publicity is better than no publicity, and consequently, Ms. Bezos has drawn even more attention to a book that probably would have already left our consciousness if she had left well enough alone.  Instead, it has shot up to #82 on Amazon's own bestseller list.  [As an aside, both articles I read emphasized the fact that she is a novelist.  I had to do a little research and I found her first title is a bargain book and her second book Traps (9780307950291) 14.95 just came out yesterday as a Vintage tradepaper.  Hmmm, maybe she's a bit more clever than I realized.]


3)  IF 6 WERE 9 . . .  It seems fitting to cap off this Partners Page with another wonderful poetry book from the fine folks at Western Michigan University.  Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry (9781936970162) 40.00 edited by William Olsen and Jack Bell is so well done that the amalgamation of authors in here might qualify as the third author in my triumvirate of bestselling poets (see above).  By the way, Literarti Books in Ann Arbor will be hosting an event with many of these poets on December 4 at 7:00.  Don't forget your beret . . .        

Odds & Sods

Flyfisher extraordinaire Bob Linsenman has written his first novel, Snowblood's Journal (9781933926018) 19.95  It is the story of American soldier scout dog handlers during the Vietnam War.  The bonds between man and dog can last a lifetime.  It reminded me of the same kind of  connection as George C. Scott and his charges in The Day of the Dolphin . . .

My main man Michael Baisden is back!  Granted, the title of his new self-help book, Raise Your Hand If You Have Issues: If You Didn't Raise Your Hand You're Lying and That's an Issue (9780984776580) 22.95 is a bit unwieldy, but it's TV show host Michael Baisden so we're good.

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