Thursday, July 25, 2013

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"Change in the weather, change in the weather
Somethin's happenin' here, well
Change in the weather, change in the weather
People walkin' around in fear, well . . ."
                                                               --John Fogerty, Change in the Weather


Rock Anderson: . . . And there were nothing but smiles all around after local firefighters retrieved Snuggles the cat from the top of an old oak tree on the 400 block of Paris Avenue.  Earlier today, they presented the adorable kitten to her rightful owner, The Crazy Cat Lady.  And now here's our literatologist Sonny with Lansing's most accurate  weather forecast.  So, Sonny, should we be expecting cooler weather any time soon?

Sonny Idiot:  Rock, I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here.  But in answer to your question, I thought we were experiencing a cooling trend on Phil Robertson's Happy Happy Happy (9781476726090) 24.99, but it's starting to heat up again.  We saw a spike in sales in the low 90s this week . . . 

Rock Anderson:  Hey!

Sonny Idiot:  Let's see what we have on Lansing's #1 Doppler radar right now.  As you can see, the Midwest is blanketed with a serious weather pattern that will pummel us with J.K. Rowling's Cuckoo's Calling (9780316206846) 26.00 for the rest of the evening.  It will be interspersed with a smattering of Aslan Reza's Zealot (9781400069224) 27.00.  And I'm sure you know what happens when you get a summery mix of Cuckoos and Zealots.  Nothing good.  We are extending our severe weather warning until 6:00am tomorrow.


Rock Anderson:  Great!

Sonny Idiot:  Well, let's take a look at the long-range forecast.  Fortunately, it looks like it will be relatively mild.  The only titles of consequence released by next week's storm front will be Clive Cussler's The Tombs (9780425265079) 9.99 and J.D. Robb's Calculated in Death (9780425250730) 7.99.  It will be raining blood and gore in C.J. Box's The Highway (9780312583200) 25.99.  There is a likely chance we will be innudated by David Gilbert's & Sons (9780812993967) 27.00 at the end of next week.  Thanks for stopping by and here's sports model Jacques with the latest on the Lugnuts.


Jacques Stapp:  Bonjour!    

Odds & Sods

The long list for the Man Booker Prize has been announced here: .  Even though Hilary Mantel isn't on the list and won't release a new title this year.  London bookies have her pegged as the favourite  at 5 to 2 odds.  May the best author win . . .

Partner's favourite Ferrari owner, Jonathan Rand is back with Michigan Chiller #16: Catastrophe in Caseville (9781893699472) 5.99.  We are still waiting on Freddie Fernortner #12: Frankenfreddie (9781893699649) 4.99.  Don't hold your breath; you'll turn blue . . .

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