Thursday, August 1, 2013

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*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*
"Now another century nearly gone,
What are we gonna leave for the young?
What we couldn't do, what we wouldn't do,
It's a crime, but does it matter?"
                                                                                     --The Kinks, Living on a Thin Line

In the near future . . .

B. Traven Jr. here.  You may remember me from the Dr. Who episode, Night of the Triffids, which is now available for $19.99 on higher definition (HHD) Green RayTM.  I am also the host of The Funniest Organ Harvesting Moments"Hey, who needs two kidneys when one will do?"  Ha, ha!

Today I would like to tell you about our public domain books that for a one cent are being offered for cranial download from your good friends at

Before J.K. Rowling's wildly successful second Harry Potter series, she dabbled in the mystery genre under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith with Cuckoo's Calling (9780316206846) 26.00.  Still no word on when the second two titles in the trilogy, London Calling and Higher Calling, will be available.

As the English monarchy-in-exile prepares to celebrate King George VII's Silver Jubilee here in America, it would be the perfect time to read Phillipa Gregory's The White Princess (9781451626094) 27.99.  Phillipa was known as the 'Queen of Royal Fiction,' and this one highlights the aftermath of the War of the Roses.

Dan Brown, host of America's #1 game show with the highest body count, How Would You Die for a Million Dollars?, was once a mega-selling author and his last novel Inferno (9780385537858) 29.95 has finally been re-issued.  A New York Times bestseller, I don't believe Dante could have done it any better.  He's also responsible for his show's famous catchphrase, "Who's your next of kin!"

Danielle Steel.  What can I say about Danielle Steel?  At the age of 115 years young, Ms. Steel has just released her 1,246 genre title Romance Novel #533 (9789876543210) 250.00.  However, some of her earlier works like First Sight (9780385338301) 28.00, which have been long out of print, are being made available for a very limited time.  Rediscover Danielle again, for the very first time.

Well, that's all the power from the grid that we can legally use today . . .  But wait, there's more.  If you order any of these titles within the next 5 minutes, we will send you not one, but two copies of Glenn Beck's Agenda 21 (9781476717012) 9.99. Remember: Conspiracy theories keep me employed.  Thanks, El Becko.  Ha, ha!

Odds & Sods

Okay, we're still waiting on Kathy-Jo Wargin's The Legend of Sleeping Bear (9781886947351) 17.95, but it should be shipping next week from the publisher.  I'm serious.  Really . . .

National Book Award-winning Andrea Barrett has finally released a new collection of short stories, Archangel (9780393240009) 24.95.  These five stories are held together by the common thread of scientific discovery.  It's indicative of our society that a literary virtuoso like Ms. Barrett will be lucky to sell 1/1000 of what Dan Brown will sell on any given book.  Meh . . .  

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