Monday, July 8, 2013

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*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*
"We need books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide.  A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us..." 
Franz Kafka


In a secret office, deep in the bowels of the United Nations Secretariat Building, Raaikaii and Krrocrick, two intelligent humanoid reptilians from the Peleiades star cluster, were seated across from each other at a large mahogany desk.  The desk was home to a computer keyboard, a monitor, and a large aquarium.  In the aquarium were hundreds of giant hissing cockroachs clambering all over each other.  They seemed to be highly agitated.

Raaikaii said, "Krrocrick, how was your trip from Arcturus?  Oh, and you can turn off your disguise scrambler.  We're safe here."

Krrocrick slumped in his chair and replied, "I've seen things you wouldn't believe.  Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.  I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.  All those moments would be lost in time . . ."

"Sounds rough.  Here have a cocktail. . .," Raaikaii reached into his aquarium,  plucked out a wiggly cockroach, and handed it to his companion, "Enjoy!"

Krrocrick grabbed the proffered bug and swallowed it in a single gulp, "Thanks.  I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about relieving you here.  I had a real good gig in Arcturus.  The sapiens there are still at the drawing pictures with sticks in the mud level.  But they seem a lot more advanced on Earth.  I tried to read a few of their books on my space flight.  I thought it would give me some insight into their 'great civilization.'"

Both of their crocodile like snouts opened and closed repeatedly in a close approximation of a human's laugh.

Raaikaii blurted out, "Good one!  So what books did you read?"

"There was Neil Gaiman's Ocean at the End of the Lane (9780062255655) 25.99.  It appears that humans can be quite cruel to their younglings.  I finished James Rollins' Eye of God (9780061784804) 27.99 around Alpha Centauri.  I see that even their God can be a tough one.  Next, I delved into their high brow literature with Colum McCann's Transatlantic (9781400069590) 27.00.  I always enjoy stories about the first technological stumbles of any culture.  In non-fiction, I tackled Bill O'Reilly's Keep It Pithy (9780385346627) 21.99.  He's one we should probably keep an eye on.  He could figure out that we're working with the United Nations to take over the world."

Raaikaii replied, "Don't worry about him.  He's one of Rupert Murdoch's lackeys and we already have him on a short leash . . ."

Suddenly, the door flew open.  B. Traven Jr. stood in the doorway with a laser pistol in each hand and crowed, "Party's over, Peleiadians!"  
Odds & Sods

Our good friend Steve Hamilton stopped in yesterday to sign our copies of his new release, Let It Burn (9780312640224) 25.99.  These signed copies are available upon request . . .

Speaking of Michigan mystery guys, Aaron Stander's new one, Death in a Summer Colony (9780978573294) 15.95 arrived earlier this week.  This is his seventh title in the Ray Elkins' series . . .

 And finally, former MSU quarterback Kirk Cousins, the Pride of Holland, Michigan, has written an inspirational children's title called The Game Changer (9780310739043) 16.99.  We are almost sold out . . .

 Happy 130th Birthday Franz Kafka!

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