Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*
"These days, the bigger the company, the less you can figure out what it does . . ."
--Michel Faber, The Book of Strange New Things (9780553418842) 28.00


  Thankfully, Juan Carlos had appropriated a drone that was already on autopilot so he could watch from the safety of the cockpit as it sailed languorously upward to the landing strip on Jeff Bezo's Cloud City.  He may have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but he was certainly no pilot.  As wisps of cottony clouds floated around his canopy, a sudden buzzing from his cell phone jolted him from his reverie.  A text from 'The Ghoul' read:  Computer virus.  Manchurian Candidate.
  So, he hypothesized, a virus that was spread through a competitor's e-reader would make Jeff Bezos a likely suspect.  Of course, there was always the North Koreans, but that seemed unlikely.  And there really was no turning back now.

  Juan waited a moment for the canopy to automatically slide backwards.  He clambered down the side of the drone and alighted on the concrete tarmac.  A woman in an Amazon jumpsuit greeted him and shouted over the roaring wind, "Welcome to Cloud City!  Follow the yellow line to the gate!"
  He squinted at her name tag, it read:  AMANDA HOCKING and then in smaller letters, 'I'm reading Anthony Doerr's All The Light We Cannot See (9781476746586) 27.00, a National Book Award finalist.

  Juan leaned towards her ear, "Is Anthony Doerr's book any good?!"
  She nodded energetically, "It's brilliant!  If Mrs. Bezos hadn't written another one of her amazing novels, I really think he would have won this year!"
  "Great!'  He turned and followed the yellow line towards the gate.

  The yellow line continued and led him to a huge cathedral-like structure with ten-foot high gothic doors.  When he was within a few feet of them, the fully automated doors swung outward, beckoning him inside.  The antechamber was gargantuan.  He walked across a football field length checkerboard floor of polished marble to a young man sitting behind a curved desk.  His name tag read:  JOE KONRATH, then smaller, 'I'm reading Edward O. Wilson's The Meaning of Human Existence (9780871401007) 23.95, a National Book Award finalist.

  Juan said, "I'm here to see Mr. Bezos."
  Joe didn't look up from reading Tony Robbins' Money Master the Game (9781476757803) 28.00 and gestured, "Right through that door."

  Juan went through another automated cyclopean door and gasped at the huge domed ceiling inside.  There was a TV screen hundreds of feet long on the far wall, and it immediately sprang to life when he entered.  A massive computer-generated image of Mr. Bezos' head spoke in a booming voice, "I am Bezos . . . the Great and Powerful!  Who are you?!"
Odds & Sods

One would think that the readers of the Grand Rapids Press would be too elderly to hike, but then I carefully re-read the subtitle, 'Sixty Walks, Day Trips, etc.' and then suddenly, it all made sense.  The Grand Rapids Press ran their feature on Jim DuFresne's new edition of Explorer's Guide: 50 Hikes in Michigan (9781581572063) 21.95 a few weeks ago and the phones have been hoppin' ever since.  We will have more stock shortly . . .

Speaking of local titles, Stephanie Meyer's (No, not that Stephenie Meyer!) Twin Cities Chef's Table (9780762792191) 24.95 is back in stock.  At that price, it's a steal . . .

Happy New Year!

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