Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them . . ."
--Mark Twain
Overheard in a bookstore:
"I'm looking for the fourth book in the Fifty Shades series."
"There are only three books in the series."
"No, I've seen it."
"Where'd you see it?"
"At Walmart."
"What was it called?"
"It was called the Fifty Shades Trilogy (9780345804044) 47.85."
" . . . . "

1) THE SIRENS OF TITAN . . . As of a month ago, I had never even heard of Gillian Flynn, and now, her book Gone Girl (9780307588364) 25.00 is atop just about every bestsellers list. As Yakoff Smirnoff would say, "I love this country." To capitalize on this unadulterated frenzy, it may behoove you to stock her first two novels. Gillian's first novel, Sharp Objects (9780307341556) 14.00 dealt with a serial killer running amuck in a Missouri town. In her second one, Dark Places (9780307341570) 14.00, a woman whose testimony had convicted her brother of the grisly murder of their family investigates whether he really did slay their family as part of a Satanic ritual. Now I do understand why Stephen King is such a big fan of her work. It's a bit on the macabre side . . .

2) HOCUS POCUS . . . As of a couple of days ago, I had never heard of Chris Colfer, the author of Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell (9780316201575) 17.99. I'm not trying to be a hipster here, but I have never watched the Fox-TV's ratings blockbuster Glee, and apparently, Mr. Colfer is a cast member, who plays a student named Kurt Hummel. Normally, I would disregard this title right there, but the reviews have been laudatory, and we have already sold out of our first shipment. We received another slurp of books yesterday, and those are almost gone, too. Go figure . . .

3) BLUEBEARD . . . Now I have heard of this guy: George R.R. Martin. What I hadn't heard until Monday was that the paperback releases of A Dance With Dragons (9780553385953) 18.00 trade paper and (9780553582017) 9.99 have been delayed, yet again, until March 26, 2013. I have been told it was delayed to coincide with the DVD release of the second season of the HBO series, which I understand. But hey, Random House, how about a little more advance warning next time so we can at least take down the new release posters, eh?

Odds & Sods

Karen and Darrin Brege had been on hiatus, but they have returned with a vengeance in their sixth installment of their series, Mick Morris Mythsolver: Threatening Thunderbirds! (9780977411986) 6.99. If you have fans of Jonathan Rand's Chiller books, they'll want this one, too . . .

I thought Carl Sams had milked his cash cow, Stranger In The Woods (9780967174808) 19.95, as much as he possibly could, but I was wrong. We are now stocking Creative Learning Activities' Stranger In The Woods Activity Book (9780971269262) 24.95. I will file it on my book shelf next to the 3D book, DVD, stuffed animals, CD, etc.

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