Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*

"And everybody praised the Duke
who this great fight did win."
"But what good came of it at last?"
Quoth little Peterkin.
"Why that I cannot tell," said he,
"But 'twas a famous victory."
--Robert Southey, After Blenheim
1) THE OLD MAN'S COMFORTS AND HOW HE GAINED THEM . . . With the recent success of 11/23/63 (9781451627282) 35.00, one could say that Stephen King is experiencing a bit of a renaissance in regards to his writing, from both critics and fans alike. He now seems far removed from the dark days of Tommyknockers (9780451156600) 7.99, and has become a well-respected man of letters. Now he returns to the land of Mid-World from The Dark Tower series with the release of Wind Through the Keyhole (9781451658903) 27.00. The Clint Eastwoodesque Roland Deschain elaborates on his past in this stand-alone novel that should excite fans of the original series. And hey, it's only 320 pages, which is a slim volume for Stephen King these days, and it should help you sell this title to the casual reader . . .

2) THE INCHCAPE ROCK . . . Ellen Airgood, author and proprietress of the West Bay Diner, is one of our favourite people and her first novel, South of Superior (9781594485763) 16.00, is now available in tradepaper. Her novel was voted a Michigan Notable Book for this year and she will be in the Lansing area this weekend to accept her award. Ellen's first middle reader Prairie Evers (9780399256912) 15.99 has been moved up from its original August release to May 24. Originally homeschooled, Prairie Evers finds the transition to public school difficult until another girl, Ivy, becomes her best friend. She eventually learns that home may not be the best place for Ivy, and she concocts a plan to help her. Ellen tackles every situation with her implacable pluck and determination . . .

3) "AN EPIDEMICAL RAGE FOR AUTOBIOGRAPHY . . . "One of the funniest writers alive and bookseller darling, A.J. Jacobs, has returned with Drop Dead Healthy (9781416599074) 26.00, in which he chronicles his attempt to, well, stay alive. From extreme chewing to Finger Fitness sessions, he shares his litany of diets and exercises in an attempt to transform his 45-year-old middle-aged body from 'a python who swallowed a goat' to the healthiest human specimen to ever tread our planet. I hope this means that A.J. will be healthy enough to entertain us for many years to come . . .

* UPDATE* E.L. Smith's Fifty Shades of Grey (9780345803481) 15.95 is shipping from the publisher today, and our stock should be here on Friday (4/27).

Odds & Sods

Hot titles back in stock:

Christopher Moore's Sacre Bleu (9780061779749) 26.99

Adriana Trigiani's The Shoemaker's Wife (9780061257094) 26.99

Charlotte Rogan's The Lifeboat (9780316185905) 24.99

Vanessa Diffenbaugh's The Language of Flowers (9780345525550) 15.00

Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games Trilogy (Boxed Set) (9780545265355) 53.97

And have at it . . .

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