Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ye Olde Partners Page

*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*

"It doesn't matter if we never meet again,
What we have said will always remain,
If we get through for two minutes only,
It will be a start!"
--The Jam
1) PINING FOR THE FJORDS . . . Finally, after much speculation, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature was announced last Thursday. According to the bookies, Bob Dylan had the best odds, but instead, perennial favourite Tomas Transtromer walked away with the award. The Nobel committee said that the Swedish poet won 'because, through his condensed, translucent images, he gives us a fresh access to reality.' Mr. Transtromer, who is also a dentist, was responsible for such books as The Hot Hands of a Swedish Dentist, Fillings of Passion, and The Huge Molars of Horst Nordfink. Wait a second. I apologize for the confusion on these titles. Those responsible have been sacked. First of all, Tomas has never been a dentist, and at his age (80), never will be one. The actual titles of his books that we have on order are Tomas Transtromer: Selected Poems, 1954-1986 (9780880014038) 14.99 and The Great Enigma (9780811216722) 17.95. Personally, I have been so inspired by Tomas' win that I have penned a celebratory ditty (sung to the Transformer cartoon theme song):

Prepare to write
Under the midnight sun
When you're caught in the grip
of Olaf Olafsson

His poems make me cry
Poet in disguise . . .

2) GENERALISSIMO FRANCISCO FRANCO IS STILL DEAD . . . Apparently, the doctors' attempt to implant an alien Goa'uld in Steve Jobs was unsuccessful, and tragically, he passed away on October 5. Unbeknownst to me, Steve Jobs was the most beloved man in America. Yeah, I know. Who knew? Consequently, the publisher has changed the on sale date to October 24 for Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs (9781451648539) 35.00. Mr. Isaacson, who is a darn good writer (for a historian), conducted more than 40 interviews, including Steve's final one. This title should be the biggest non-fiction book of the holiday season. To a lesser degree, i, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words (9781932841664) 10.95 should sell well and our stock will be in shortly . . .

And thanks to Carl Lennertz and Monty Python!

Odds & Sods

I feel bad that the Lions throttled the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. Well, not really. However, to assauge my guilt, I would like to tell you about two new Chicago sports titles that should sell like crazy. Jeff Pearlman's new bio on Walter Payton is called Sweetness (9781592406531) 30.00. It's been getting a little press because of some of the allegations Mr. Pearlman has made. But he is still one of the greatest ever running backs ever . . .

Finally, legendary hockey player Stan Mikita has a new autobiography called Forever a Blackhawk (9781600786143) 26.95. However, he's no Gordie Howe . . .

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