Thursday, May 26, 2011

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*News From the Glamorous World of Bookselling*

Kissinger: The Chilean thing is getting consolidated and of course the newspapers are bleeding because a pro-Communist government was overthrown.
Nixon: Isn't that something. Isn't that something.
Kissinger: I mean instead of celebrating -- in the Eisenhower period we'd be heroes.
Nixon: Well we didn't -- as you know -- our hand doesn't show on this one though.
Kissinger: We didn't do it. I mean we helped them . . .

Henry Kissinger, author of On China (9781594202711) 36.00 and President Nixon trying to convince themselves that they aren't responsible for the overthrow of the elected Chilean government in 1973.


There are Stories I Only Tell My Friends (9780805093292) 26.00, and this isn't one of them. If You Ask Me (9780399157530) 25.95, I am more than willing to share the story of how I met the love of my life. Oddly, it began in the bookstore on 44 Charles Street (9780385343145) 28.00, I believe it was called The Last Stand (9780143119609) 18.00, and it was a couple of blocks over from the Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (9780345505347) 15.00. Also, if I remember correctly, the store was throwing its 10th Anniversary (9780316036269) 27.99 sale.

I was in the poetry aisle, checking out the Young Romantics (9780374123758) 27.50, when I saw A Singular Woman (9781594487972) 26.95. She was in the Chelsea Handler section and she was thumbing through a copy of Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me (9780446584715) 24.99. I could tell she had the kind of beauty that was surely Worth Dying For (9780440246299) 9.99.

From This Moment On (9781451620740) 26.99 I knew I had to meet her, but I'm not a Social Animal (9781400067602) 27.00 so I wasn't sure how I could break the ice. I imagined kissing her in Moonlight Cove (9780778329794) 7.99 with her soft lips pressed against mine. *Sigh* If only . . .

While I was daydreaming she walked over to me, and asked in a voice that could Sing You Home (9781439102725) 28.00, "Do you work here?"

At that moment I would have given Half the Sky (9780307387097) 15.95 to be an employee in that store. Instead, I stood transfixed in that One Magic Moment (9780515149517) 7.99 and then finally stuttered, "Nnnoo, I just have that look. Bbbut mmaybe I can help you."

"Where would Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin (9781451654400) 26.00 be?"

I think to myself, 'Heaven is for Real (9780849946158) 16.99.' I add, "I believe it would be in Politics. By the way, would you like to go out for A Drop of the Hard Stuff (9780316127332) 25.99 sometime?"

She replies, "Sure, why not? I am still looking for That Perfect Someone (9781439101087) 7.99."

I smile. I am the Lover Unleashed (9780451233165) 27.95.

Odds & Sods

I was perusing the book reviews in Publishers Weekly today and in the science fiction ghetto I saw a new book called The Dedalus Book of Flemish Fantasy (9781903517932) 15.99. I did a double take. Was this someone's idea of a joke? Could this be the perfect submission for the oddest book title, or The Diagram Prize? I read the review . . .  My God -- it's full of stars!

If you're in New York this week, please stop by Booth #4175 at the BEA and say 'Hi' to Sam & Vicky for me . . .

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