Thursday, June 2, 2011

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*News From the Glamorous World of Bookselling*
"If there are things that have to be done,
you should do them quickly . . ."
--Henry Kissinger, author of On China (9781594202711) 36.00 offering advice to the Military Junta that over-threw the legally elected government of Argentina in 1976. Upwards of 22,000 people would die or disappear at the Junta's hands over the course of the next 7 years.
This morning I skimmed through the latest edition of Shelf Awareness. As usual, I tried to ignore the litany of bookstore closings, their inexplicable promotion of Pennie from Costco's Book of the Month selection [which, by the way, is Mudbound (9781565126770) 13.95 by Hillary Jordan], and the daily addition of yet another actor to the cast of The Hunger Games (9780439023528) 8.99. Mercifully, there was nothing new on Borders' struggles. However, one pertinent item did catch my eye, David McCullough would be appearing on The Diane Rehm Show tomorrow to promote his new title, The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris (9781416571766) 37.50. At first glance, this seems like foreign territory for Mr. McCullough, who tends to not stray far from United States history, but then his list of Americans in Paris is a veritable who's who of greatness, including: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Samuel Morse. I thought Claude R. Marx of The Washington Times summed up Mr. McCullough well in his review, "A rich and enjoyable literary experience. There are reminders on every page why Mr. McCullough is one of the nation's great popular historians." Bill me for a copy . . .

[GEEK ALERT!] I realized it was all downhill from here on Shelf Awareness, so I decided to check the web and I stumbled upon this juicy little smackrel of honey. It's Wired's 10 Books That Will Fry Your Mind This Summer: . Since it's predominantly science fiction, I'm not sure if I would have gone with 'Fry Your Mind.' Personally, I think that 'Blow Your Mind' would have been a better choice. Of course George R.R. Martin's Dance With Dragons (9780553801477) 35.00, which releases on July 12, is one of the featured titles. And why not, the HBO series based on The Game of Thrones (9780553386790) 17.00 is the hottest thing in fantasy since The Lord of the Rings. I was surprised that Daniel Wilson's Robopocalypse (9780385533850) 25.00 didn't make the cut. Although Eric, The Partners Page Senior Apocalyptic Correspondent, enjoyed the apocalyptic part well enough, he thought the robot bit was a tad overdone.

Finally, released their list of the Most Well-Read Cities in U.S. You can see it here: . I can't believe there are three cities from Florida on it. C'mon, Floriduh?

Odds & Sods

Last night, The Daily Show re-ran Jon Stewart's interview with Annie Jacobsen, author of Area 51 (9780316132947) 27.99, which should sell well for Father's Day. We still have some copies in the secret stash. Also, in the secret stash for Father's Day, we have Howard Wasdin's Seal Team Six (9780312699451) 26.99. You might want to stock up . . .

Believe it or not, Jimmy Fallon's book, Thank You Notes (9780892967414) 12.00 has been selling like crazy. I know I'm surprised too . . .

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