Thursday, July 22, 2010

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*News From the Glamorous World of Bookselling*

"Admiration and familiarity are strangers . . ."
--George Sand
If M. Night Shyamalan wrote books with a twist . . .

From the Mind of M. Night Shyamalan . . .

Aimee Bender brought you her latest foray in magical realism with her bestselling hit, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (9780385501125) 25.95. And now, M. Night Shyamalan takes it one step further in The Peculiar Power of Chocolate Cake. The pastor's young daughter inexplicably leaves half-eaten slices of chocolate cake around their house. But when aliens invade their isolated home, the family discovers that chocolate cake is the one chink in their armor. Is this a 'sign' from God?

You may have thought that Justin Halpern's Sh*t My Dad Says (9780061992704) 15.99 was the funniest book of the year, hands down. However, you would be wrong. M. Night Shyamalan has written the even funnier follow-up Nice Things My Mom Says. It's guffaws galore when his meddling mother says things like, "Yes, 'little blue boy with the arrow on your head', M. will be out shortly to play. He's just getting ready for his busy day." Or "Of course 'Lady in the Water', you can have some more soda pop." Don't miss out on the hilarity. It's sure to ensue . . .

Glenn Beck took the bestseller lists by storm with his 'first' attempt at fiction in The Overton Window (9781439184301) 26.00. B&N said, "[A]n intense visionary political thriller that describes the rise of a totalitatian America." Mr. Shyamalan responds with his own political satire The Bathroom Door. The last time we saw M. Night Shyamalan in the bathroom, he had locked a 7 foot tall alien inside. This time he has accidentally released a neurotoxin into the Mid-Atlantic region that he had created in his bathtub. The neurotoxin causes liberals with the 'Patchouli gene' to commit suicide. It is the action packed thriller of the year . . .

After yet another appearance on Oprah, Geneen Roth's self-help diet book, Women, Food, and God (9781416543077) 24.00 has resurged to #1 on most bestseller lists. To capitalize on this craze, Mr. Shyamalan presents his own take on dieting with Women, Food, and Ghosts. Nine year old Cole Sears can see fat, dead people, and with the help of child psychologist Malcolm Crowe, Cole has his plump poltergeists 'Sweatin' to the Oldies' so they can squeeze through St. Peter's pearly gates . . .

Odds & Sods

Courtesy of Thunder Bay Press, ghost hunter extraordinare Mark Marimen has supplied us with a new collection of spectral shenanigans in his new release, Haunted Travels of Indiana (9781933272245) 14.95. Mr. Marimen is the foremost ghost hunter in the Indiana and his previous books,
Haunted Indiana (9781882376384) 14.95,
Haunted Indiana II  (9781882376711) 13.95,
Haunted Indiana III (9781882376810) 13.95, and
Haunted Indiana IV (9781933272054) 14.95 are still great sellers.

Holy cow! The oft-delayed Lake Huron Rock Picker's Guide (9780472033676) 15.95 is finally here! Order it before it's too late! Or before I break my exclamation mark button on my keyboard!

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