Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ye Olde Partners Page

*And Robert Heinlein Super Quiz*

"He succeeded in being considered totally uninteresting. People left him alone. And that was all he wanted . . . "
--Patrick Suskind, Perfume (9780375725845) 13.95
1) THE ROLLING STONES (1952) . . . I don't want to sound aggrandizing, but Agates: Inside Out (9781891143977) 22.95by Karen Brzys will become an ageless classic. It is an aggregate of all her previous research and her first book, Finding & Understanding Agates. I was truly agape and agog at the stunning full-colour photographs. I don't mean to agitate, but there is no need to agonize. Anyone interested in geology will aggressively pursue this title, again and again . . .

a) There have been only two father and son duos who have been awarded the Medal of Honor. Can you name them?

2) THE DOOR INTO SUMMER (1957) . . . (Best read in Liberace's voice) Debra Frasier, who wrote the now legendary On the Day You Were Born (9780152579951) 17.00, was inspired by her visits to the Minnesota State Fair to produce the fan-tas-tic A Fabulous Fair Alphabet (9781416998174) 16.99. You can also follow Frasier's Alphabet Letter Treasure Hunt on I wish my brother George were here.

b) This noted scientist and occultist attempted to establish the first national library in England in 1556. Who was he?
3) TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE (1973) . . . I'm not sure if a book is still considered a sleeper after we've sold out of it two times, but David Nicholl's One Day (9780307474711) 14.95 has done just that. The story of two lovers over the course of twenty years who meet once a year on the same day. It's a book that reads like a movie. In fact, the movie is already in development. I was trying to imagine who would play the leads. Hmmmm . . . Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan? Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? Julia Roberts and Richard Gere? Elizabeth Gilbert and John Goodman? Melissa Gilbert and Lorenzo Lamas? I guess I could go on and on. However the publisher is out of stock on this one, so we're looking at early next week on the third reorder. Backorder accordingly . . .
c) A well known children's author wrote the hit 'A Boy Named Sue' for Johnny Cash. Who was he?

First of all, before we get to the Answers, we did just get a slurp of S.C. Gwynne's Empire of the Summer Moon (9781416591054) 27.50 back in stock. This title was featured on NPR a week or two ago . . .

a) The father and son duos who received the Medal of Honor were Arthur & Douglas MacArthur, and Teddy Roosevelt & Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

b) Doctor John Dee, who is also a character in Michael Scott's The Alchemyst (9780385736008) 8.99.

c) Shel Silverstein wrote songs for several musical artists, including: Loretta Lynn, Dr. Hook, and Emmylou Harris . . .

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