Friday, December 4, 2009

The Partners Bookseller Insider

So when I saw the promotional material for the new Ozzy Osbourne autobiography, I was like, ‘F*** yeah! What a great f***ing title!’ And then I opened the poster up all the way and I saw that the actual title is: I Am Ozzy (9780446569897) 26.99. I thought to myself, ‘Lame-O!’ I realize that it’s probably a play on the ol’ Sabbath tune, Iron Man, but I really do think that 'I am the Prince of F***ing Darkness’ would have been a way cooler title. Just sayin’ . . .

Ozzy’s book doesn’t come out until January 6, but I scoured the web for a review and I finally found a few on One of the reviewers was complaining that there wasn’t anything about Jake E. Lee, who was his guitarist on Bark at the Moon and Ultimate Sin. I was incredulous. Ozzy worked with both Tony Iommi and Randy Rhodes, two of the greatest guitarists of all-time, and you’re worried about Jake E. Lee? Really? C’mon . . .

Speaking of music, Terry Teachout, author of Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong (9780151010899) 30.00 was on the Diane Rehm Show yesterday and we saw a big ‘pop’ in sales. Check your stock. We also have bookplates, courtesy of Nicolas Books, signed by E Street band member Clarence Clemons, whose Big Man (9780446546263) 26.99 has been selling briskly. In fact, rumor has that Bruce Springsteen handled each bookplate before Mr. Clemons signed them. Also, the Boss may have licked a few. If you want some, drop me a line . . .


  1. I thought *you* were the prince of f***ing darkness.

  2. Well, you've never seen us together, have you?