Wednesday, October 21, 2015


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"Roads?  Where we're going, we don't need roads . . ."
                                       --Dr. Emmett Brown, Back to the Future

  October 21, 2015, was the day that Marty McFly went back to the future, and here we are.  Some of the movie's predictions have come true.  As I was watching the Cubs playoff game last night, a couple of thoughts went through my head:  Firstly, I haven't seen a whiter crowd since presidential candidate Mitt Romney's concession speech, and if they go to the World Series then Back to the Future was right.  However, after last night's results, it's not looking good for the Cubbies, but you might want to have a few copies of Brad Epstein's Good Night Cubs (9781607303527) 12.95 in stock.

  Nothing against Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, but can you imagine what Back to the Future would have been like if Terry Gilliam had directed it?  It would have been awesomer!  Imagine Christopher Lloyd in 12 Monkeys!  Well, the next best thing for me was Mr. Gilliam writing a pre-posthumus memoir called Gilliamesque (9780062380746) 40.00.  Not only does he cover all the crazy Monty Python stuff, but it's chockfull of his art work and fun facts about his films, from Time Bandits to Zero Theorem.  Hmmm, I guess in a sense he has already covered all of that territory. 

  Marty McFly wouldn't have needed a crystal ball to predict that Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino's program may be a little suspect.  Escort Katina Powell alleges in her new title, Breaking Cardinal Rules (9781939550286) 17.95 that she and others had sexual encounters and activities with basketball recruits in the men's dormitory at Louisville.  (FYI:  The Cardinals is the name of the mascot at the University of Louisville.)  Yesterday, she was interviewed on both ESPN and Good Morning America, and the story has been picked up by the national news media.  We have copies in stock.

  Marty also wouldn't have predicted the impact retired football players have on our society.  Former NY Giants lineman Michael Strahan is not only a fixture on TV, but he has written a self-help book called Wake Up Happy (9781476775685) 26.99.  Also, former Raven linebacker and acquitted murder suspect Ray Lewis has co-written his memoir, I Feel Like Going On (9781501112355) 26.99.  (Not to be confused with the Bad Company song of nearly the same title.)  In his book, Mr. Lewis adds details that were not released during his murder trial.  Apparently, he was so expensively dressed (His attire and jewelry were valued at over a quarter of a million dollars.) that he would have been foolish to kill anyone.  It was a rare example of the 'I am too well-dressed to kill' defense.  Seems legit.


  Finally, if I owned the time travelling DeLorean, I would have gone back in time to the American Revolution and hung out with the Marquis de Lafayette.  I guess I'll just have to settle for Sarah Vowell's Lafayette in the Somewhat United States (9781594631740) 27.95, instead.  Whoa, this is heavy . . .  

Odds & Sods

We've had a plethora of authors visit us over the past few weeks.  Up and coming fantasy writer Greer Macallister popped in and autographed copies of her latest title, The Magician's Lie (9781402298684) 23.99.  Lily Tuck, National Book Award winner and mother of actress Jessica Tuck stopped in Monday and signed her autobiographical fiction book, The Double Life of Liliane (9780802124029) 26.00.  And lastly, Thrillmeister John Katzenbach put his 'John Hancock' on his next bestseller, The Dead Student (9780802123374) 26.00.  As per usual, first come, first served.


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