Thursday, September 17, 2015


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*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*
"As children, we all live in a world of imagination, of fantasy,
and for some of us the world of make-believe continues into adulthood . . ."
                                      --Jim Henson

(Part Two of The Interview of the Century)

Barbara:  Sir Charles, if elected President, what would be your first action?

Sir Charles:  My first action would be to appoint a literature czar.  And in anticipation of your next question, I believe Mindy Kaling would be perfect for this position.  She is a bestselling author whose debut title, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (9780307886279) 14.00 shot to the top of the bestseller lists.  Her new collection of essays, Why Not Me? (9780804138147) 25.00 is sure to grace many a coffee table.  Chip read her interview in the NYTBR, which is the New York Times Book Review for the layman, and she is quite erudite. In fact, two of her favourite authors, Salman Rushdie and Jonathan Franzen, have released new novels, so she is most likely pleased as punch.  Salman Rushdie, of course, has a new epic fantasy called Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights (9780812998917) 28.00, which has released with the customary acclaim.  And as you are probably aware, Mr. Franzen has performed his usual bumbling pre-publicity for his latest title, Purity (9780374239213) 28.00.  Besides, what could be more American than a young lady with a name like Mindy?


Barbara:  Are there any books you've read that would influence your policies?

Sir Charles:  I am so glad you asked, Barbara.  Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, although he is no Antonin Scalia, has released his book, The Court and the World (9781101946190) 27.95.  Political orientation aside, he is still one of the most brilliant legal minds of our times.  You may not know this, but Mr. Breyer served as a law clerk for me briefly in the early 60s.  I could tell then that he would go far.  The other title I am quite enamored with is David Maraniss' Once in a Great City: A Detroit Story (9781476748382) 32.50.  We can learn from our mistakes.  Detroit was once a vibrant city.  If I am elected, we will restore the great cities of the Midwest to their glory days.  Before I moved to my palatial estate in Napoli, I lived in a suburb of Detroit named Bloomfield Hills in the 1970s.  My next door neighbor was Bob Lanier and we had many spirited games of P-I-G.


Barbara:  If elected President, what would be your 36th action?

Sir Charles:  I would build a wall along the entirety of the west coast of the U.S. to prevent an invasion by the North Koreans.  I would also get the North Koreans to pay for it.  Guaranteed!    

 Odds & Sods

As Steve Winwood would say, "Paul Bialas is back in the high life again."  There are three things Wisconsinites know well: beer, brats, and cheese.  Mr. Bialas' book is called Miller:  Inside the High Life (9780985672553) 47.99.  Sure, it's a little pricey, but beyond the  incredible photographs, it also includes a 70 minute CD of interviews and music inspired by the Miller Brewing Company . . .

Not since Charles Darwin's 'The Origin of Species' has there been a better book on evolution than Evolution: The Whole Story (9781770854819) 39.95 edited by Steve Parker.  It's perfect for internet arguments . . .

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