Wednesday, January 14, 2015


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"The three saddest words in the English language are: Joyce Carol Oates."
                                                                                 --Gore Vidal

It's the second week in January and the new car smell of the New Year has already worn thin.  Other than the blistering cold of a Michigan winter, the only excitement we can look forward to is the Library of Michigan's annual list of the books that we really should be reading.  From small presses to big publishers, these are the types of books that Michiganders can curl up under an afghan blanket on the couch and have their cockles thoroughly warmed.  Here are the 2015 winners:

MAC: Campus Life (9781933272443) 19.95 Stephen Terry

The Arsenal of Democracy (9780547719283) 27.00 by A.J. Baime

The Art of Memory (9780814340196) 39.99 by Thomas Dilley

Bernida: A Sailing Legend (9781585369041) 16.99 by Al Declercq

Bird Box (9780062259653) 25.99 by Josh Malerman

Bright Shards of Someplace Else (9780820346878) 24.95 by M. McFawn

Burnt Toast Makes You Sing (9780670015443) 27.95 by Kathleen Finn

The Contract (9781481423120) 16.99 by Derek Jeter

A Detroit Anthology (9780985944148) 20.00 by Anna Clark

Eight Mile High (9781611861426) 19.95 by Jim Daniels

The Fish & Not the Fish (9781938103810) 14.95 by Peter Markus

Making Callaloo in Detroit (9780814339695) 18.99 by Lolita Hernandez

Midnight Plan of the Repo Man (9780765377487) 24.99 by W.B. Cameron

Old Islam in Detroit (9780199372003) 35.00 by Sally Howell (Sd 15%)

A Polish Doctor in the Nazi Camps (9780806144313) 26.95 by Rylko-Bauer

Rivers of Sand (9780762778119) 24.95 by Josh Greenberg

Songs Only You Know (9781616953362) 25.00 by Sean Madigan Hoen

Station Eleven (9780385353304) 24.95 by Emily St. John Mandel

 Strange Love (9780814340172) 18.99 by Lisa Lenzo

Strings Attached (9780814340134) 15.99 by Diane DeCillis

Odds & Sods

In an odd twist of fate, I found myself rooting for the Ohio State Buckeyes during the National Football Championship last night.  My motives were not entirely altruistic.  I reasoned that we would sell a lot more OSU books than Oregon Ducks ones, and as a final lie to myself, it would make the B1G look better on a national level.  The two titles we will be stocking are Next Man Up: The Ohio State 2015 National Champions (9781629370576) 14.95 paper and Against All Odds: The Road to the Buckeyes 8th National Championship (9781940056166) 24.95 hardcover.  We are expecting both titles on either Thursday or Friday.  Backorders are starting to pile up . . .


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