Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ye Olde Partners Page

*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*
"So bye-bye, Mr. Funny Guy
Drove Chevy Chase to the levy, but the levy was dry
And Mork & Mindy were drinkin' whiskey and rye
 Singin', 'This'll be the day that I cry.
This'll be the day that I cry . . .'"
                                 --McLean / Dolinski, The Day the Laughter Died

  Juan Carlos just wanted a decent cup of coffee.  However, as he glanced up at the sign posted above the doorway, he suspected a restaurant called Chipotle!  Chipotle! wouldn't be the answer.  Unfortunately, without consulting him, his partner Wilson had already made reservations for them and his forensics' guy, 'The Ghoul'.  Wilson and Maxwell were impatiently cooling their heels in the entryway.
  They greeted him in unison, "Lieutenant."
  Before Juan could respond, The Ghoul's cellphone made an annoying received text noise that sounded worse than a dying songbird.  He read the text and said, "Oh, crap.  I gotta go.  We have a whole team dusting for fingerprints on this old Ford Gran Torino at the impound.  And it looks like they've found something."
  "Big case?" asked Juan.
  "Yup.  We think it belonged to a drug lord who goes by the name, 'The Dude'.  It has everything," he ticked them off one by one on his fingers, "Kidnapping, extortion, dismemberment, and nihilistic terrorists.  Hey, what's not to like?"
  Maxwell pushed past them as the overhead speaker announced, "Table for Nathan Hale and the Donner Dinner Party (9781419708565) 12.95.  Paging the Donner Dinner Party.
  Juan chuckled, "Wilson?"
  He smirked, "Wha?  I knew they wouldn't get it."

  The hostess grabbed a couple of menus out of a cubby, cocked an eyebrow, and asked, "I thought this was a party of three?"

  Wilson looked serious, "Well, we were so hungry and we had to wait so long that we had to eat the other guy.  But we're still up for some dessert."
  She appeared a bit flustered but continued walking towards a table, "Here ya go.  Your server will be with you shortly."
  Wilson sat down and leaned conspiringly across the table in one fluid motion, "So what's the plan?  Are we going after Bezos?"
  "I'm not sure.  We're not even sure if he's involved with this book sickness or whatever this thing is.  We need to do some research.  This author Douglas Preston, who wrote The Lost Island (9781455525775) 27.00 with Lincoln Child has been organizing this pro-author group against Amazon, so he might know what's going on.  But we should start at the top."
  Wilson exhaled loudly, "That's all fine and dandy, but one does not simply walk into Jeff Bezo's Cloud City.  It is folly."                          
Odds & Sods

There has been a disturbing proliferation of 'Goodnight' books since the success of Ann Droyd's Goodnight iPad (9780399158568) 15.95 from several years ago, and alas, there looks like there is still no end in sight.  The latest entrant is from our good friend Mary Jane Barnwell at The Island Bookstore and is called Goodnight, Mackinac Island (9780989933803) 10.95.  It will be a local staple for years to come . . .


Finally, some good news, Ken Scott's The Ice Caves of Leelanau (9780974206851) 25.00 is shipping from the printer on August 22.  Backorders are beginning to pile up . . .

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