Friday, July 18, 2014

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*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*
"Shakespeare's sonnets leave me cold
The drama stage and the high brow prose
But my world shakes for me, my bird sings sweetly . . ."
                                                   --Colin Moulding, My Bird Performs

An open letter to George R.R. Martin--

  I understand from a recent interview that you were offended by some fans of your Song of Ice & Fire series who were worried that you may not complete it before your death.  In fact, you not only used the F-word to describe said fans, but also flipped them the bird for good measure.
  I really think you should take this as a compliment, and not as a criticism.  Your fans would prefer that you finish your saga than say someone like the talented Brandon Sanderson.  Mr. Sanderson is not going to have the same vision nor the feel for the characters that you do.  And from my Sanderson comment, you know I am alluding to Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time series.  Like you, Mr Jordan was over 60 years old, and he was not exactly the picture of health when he died.  Also, as the pace of your new books has slowed considerably, I feel that our fears as fans are well founded.  So put down your toy soldiers and please, please finish The Winds of Winter.

--A Concerned Fan
Dear reader, I'm sure you have the same problem that I do.  It's encapsulated by a quote oddly attributed to Frank Zappa, "So many books, so little time."  Like many of you, I have a pile of books on my 'to read list' that rivals the biblical Tower of Babel (which reminds me, I've been meaning to read Babel-17 by Samuel Delaney).  My wife is much better at this than I; she just finished the latest doorstop by Ken Follett, The Edge of Eternity (9780525953098) 36.00, which will hit the bestseller lists on September 16 and then picked up Diana Gabaldon's latest doorstop, Written in My Own Heart's Blood (9780385344432) 35.00. So bottom line, she's good for a while.  By the way, Isaac Asimov's The End of Eternity is one of the best time travel books ever written.  I am on the final chapter of A Man Called Destruction (9780670025633) 27.95 by Holly George-Warren, and I have a tough decision to make: should I read William T. Vollmann's Europe Central (9780143036593) 20.00 or John Williams' Stoner (9781590171998) 14.95?  (I have also been rifling through Tom Powers' Michigan State and National Parks (9781933272436) 15.95, but that doesn't really count.  I'm just looking for a nice destination for a weekend vacation.)  I dunno.  Both of those books sound so deathly serious, I'm just going to have to go with something more practical like Andrew Shaffer's How to Survive a Sharknado (9780553418132) 14.99.  It never hurts to be prepared . . .   

 Odds & Sods

Speaking of vacationing in Michigan, two new guides from Thunder Bay Press, Discovering Michigan County by County Lower Peninsula (9781933272467) 24.95 and Discovering Michigan County by County Upper Peninsula (9781933272474) 19.95 by Barbara VanderMolen will be in high demand.  Check your stock . . .


One of Michigan's foremost photographers, Ken Scott, has a new offering, The Ice Caves of Leelanau (9780974206851) 25.00. It should be here by the end of July.  The first printing sold very quickly and there will be a limited supply.  Backorder accordingly.

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