Monday, May 19, 2014

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*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*
"Little bird, you look alright
I'm sure it's not easy getting through your night
So tell me this can't be how it's going to end
Tell me my heart somehow, dear God, it's gonna mend . . ."
                                                                                --The Eels, Little Bird

1)  I LIKE BIRDS . . .  Our good friend Josh Malerman stopped by to sign copies of his debut novel, Bird Box (9780062259653) 25.99.  Josh, who is also the lead singer and songwriter for the local Detroit rock band The High Strung, is taking the band on the road to help promote his new novel.  Last night, his band performed at Schuler Books in Lansing and a good time was had by all.  They also performed a set at Mac's Bar later that same evening.  This title is sure to appeal to fans of Joe Hill or anyone who likes their post-apocalyptic novels with a heavy dose of horror on the side.  As per usual, it's first come, first served . . .


  Something didn't smell right.
  I was sitting at a table directly across from my future son, B. Traven III, at the local Chipotle.  I was waiting for my chicken fajitas and reading a copy of Nick Pope's Encounter in Rendlesham Forest: The Inside Story of the World's Best-Documented UFO Incident (9781250038104) 25.99.  My son was idly thumbing through the pages of The Most Dangerous Animal of All: Searching for My Father and Finding The Zodiac Killer (9780062313164) 26.00 by Gary Stewart.  Trey, who is the Assistant Exarch for Media Permutations for the 23rd century Earthforce, was dressed in a black fedora, an archaic-looking black suit, and a bolo tie.  He would have looked at home in a Dashiell Hammett crime noir novel.  As time travelers go, Trey is one of the best, but he's usually a bit off on the fashion styles of each particular time period.


  Trey pointed to his book, "Pops, this guy is spot on about The Zodiac Killer.  I'm glad he wasn't around when I had to dispose of his Dad in Mexico.  Heh, heh!"
  I nodded.  I could see the door to the kitchen from where I sat; it had one of those round windows at the top, and I could briefly see a shadowy head through its translucent grime.  I stood up and whispered to Trey, "Hang here for a second."
  I felt for the comforting bulge of my laser pistol, strode the intervening feet to the door, and pushed it open.  Two reptilian humanoids stood next to the grill.  Each creature had their head tilted back, and each one held a wiggling coachroach above its mouth.
  The song La Cucaracha was playing on a beat up boombox on the counter.
  I had startled them.  I drew my laser pistol.  As I fired, I screamed, "Peleidians!  Eat radioactive energy, scumbags!  Ha, ha!"

Odds & Sods

Elizabeth Homer's Pioneers, Reformers, & Millionaires (9780991553013) 24.99 is finally here.  This title recounts the history of the Turner family in the Lansing area, and it illuminates a period generally neglected in local lore.  If you're near Lansing, you should have this book . . .

Speaking of autographed books, we have a limited amount of Michael Cunningham's The Snow Queen (9780374266325) 26.00.  A modern fairy tale based loosely on a Hans Christian Anderson story, it is not to be confused with Disney's 'Frozen'.  So, um, just 'Let It Go' . . .


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