Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*
"Tax the rich, feed the poor
Till there are rich no more . . ."
                                                            --Ten Years After, I'd Love to Change the World

FOX TV Presents: BOOK STALKERS w/ Double D and Stoner Bill
(Camera pans Double D's basement, settles on Stoner Bill and
Double D arguing with each other.)

Stoner Bill:  Hey Dudes and Dudettes!  Welcome to Book Talkers . . .

Double D:  Book Stalkers!  It's Book Stalkers!  Since FOX bought us we don't own the rights to Book Talkers anymore!  Get something right for once!  Geez!

Stoner Bill:  Hey, like, I'm sorry, man.  Book Stalkers sounds kinda creepy to me.  Like we're stalking readers or something.  (Double D shakes his head.)  Before we get into Double D's segment, I want to mention this new book called The Klingon Art of War (9781476757391) 25.99, which was translated from the original Klingon by Keith R.A. DeCandido.  First of all, I'm not sure what you do to get two middle initials, which I think is pretty awesome, but I was also into Star Trek way before it was cool.  So here's Double D's Thunder Bay Press Roundup . . .

 Double D:  Thanks, Bill.  And by the way, Star Trek has never, ever been cool, whereas we all know that Star Wars is the epitome of chic(Stoner Bill mouths 'Whatever.')  It's Spring, which means that the new Thunder Bay Press titles are in full bloom.  A couple of choice blossoms for your bouquet should surely include Barbara VanderMolen's Discovering Michigan County by County Lower Peninsula (9781933272467) 24.95 and Discovering Michigan County by County Upper Peninsula (9781933272474) 19.95.  (Double D raises his fist threateningly at Bill.)  Don't even say it!  The Lower Peninsula edition is more expensive because there are more counties.  There is also a new edition of an old favourite which should be sprouting up in a few weeks:  Tom Powers' Michigan State and National Parks 5th ed. (9781933272436) 15.95, and shortly after that we should have Haunting Illinois 3rd ed. (9781933272450) 12.95 by Mike Kleen pushing up through the loam.  Finally, there are the annuals that pop up year after year like Views of Michigan (9781933272351) 19.95 and Jennifer Powell's What I Saw on Mackinac (9781933272368) 10.95 that should be on everyone's shelf.  It looks like it's a bumper crop of bestsellers at Thunder Bay Press.



Stoner Bill:  Dude, really?  Well, on a final note, Target has chosen Ron Irwin's Flat Water Tuesday (9781250048721) 15.99 as their May Book-of-the-Month selection.  Wouldn't it have been way cooler if they had chosen David Baldacci's The Target (9781455521203) 28.00?  Way cooler.   

     Odds & Sods

Our good friend Andrea Cremer stopped by Tuesday and signed our copies of her latest, The Inventor's Secret (9780399159626) 18.99.  'It's an action-packed alternate history steampunk adventure'.  Hmmm, sounds pretty good to me . . .

 Anyone who is familar with Grand Rapids, Mi. might be surprised by a book titled Wicked Grand Rapids (9781626192966) 19.99 by Amberrose Hammond, but evil can lurk in even the holiest of places . . .

Keep an eye on Robin Roberts' Everybody's Got Something (9781455578450) 27.00,  it's starting to shape into a Mother's Day favorite.  Thank you Captain Obvious!

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