Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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"Well, I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying
in the yellow haze of the sun
there were children crying and colors flying
all around the chosen ones . . ."
--Neil Young, After the Gold Rush
by Cub Reporter Ranay Saltz

Welcome back! I'm on the set with B. Traven, Jr., who is shooting his latest installment in his wildly popular series of beer commercials. I just ambushed him with a question about the YouTube video that purports to show him confronting a hungry velociraptor with a raygun.

B. Traven Jr: Ahhh . . . Are you talking about that YouTube thing? C'mon Ranay! It's the internet. I've seen quite a few 'shops' in my day. And even I can tell by some of the pixels that this is an obvious fake. Surely, you don't believe everything on the internet is true. Ha, ha!

Ranay: Don't call me Shirley. (I laugh.) Let's talk about literature. I know you're a well-known literary maven. Are you excited about some of the recent awards?

B. Traven Jr: Well, the shortlist for the Diagram Awards has just been announced. This award is for the most ridiculous book title in the past year, and I must admit that I am a close friend of one of their nominees. Reginald Bakeley, the foremost expert on the Fairy realm, has been singled out for his latest, Goblinproofing One's Chicken Coop (9781573245326) 14.95. You may laugh, but this is a real danger. With global warming, there has been a population explosion amongst the fey creatures, and they are beginning to encroach upon human territory more and more. And this, at least, is one award that Hilary Mantel's Bring Up the Bodies (9780805090031) 28.00 won't win this year. Ha, ha!


Ranay: Hobbies?

B. Traven Jr: You may find this odd, but I'm a huge flyfisherman. Seriously. As a matter of fact, I recently stumbled upon a great book for tying flies, Classic Michigan Flies: 16 Legendary Patterns (9780811711364) 19.95 by Jon Osborn. There is nothing I enjoy more than whipping my rod around in my waders while hip deep in a cold river, but I have to be careful . . . (He winks.) . . . I might be chased out of the water by a ravenous T. Rex. Ha, ha!

Ranay: Thank you. Next week, The third part of our interview will be on-line.

Odds & Sods

Until family members find unpublished manuscripts in her attic, A Week in Winter (9780307273574) 26.95 is Maeve Binchy's final novel. We were out of stock, but more copies arrived today . . .

Charles Edmund Wilson III had told you that Mr. Koch's The Dinner (9780770437855) 24.00 is the European Gone Girl (9780307588364) 25.00 and now, it appears he was right.


Tomorrow night, the major networks will pre-empt their normal primetime programming to air the National Book Critics Circle Awards show. Okay, not really, but the awards presentation is at the Lang Centre in New York. Here's the link:

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