Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ye Olde Partners Page

*A Collection of Antiquarian Curios & Relics*

"My Best Friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read . . ."
--Abraham Lincoln

After the last Partners Page, David Swan pointed out that I hadn't mentioned former Michigander and now, since he lives in Montana, rugged individualist Jim Harrison's new title, The River Swimmer: Novellas (9780802120731) 25.00. The reviews have been laudatory, and both novellas take place in the great state of Michigan. He is a Master at the top of his game. "Till I can't, Till I can't take no more, Take me to the river . . ." Also, Edgar award winner Alex Berenson is back with his seventh thriller, The Night Ranger (9780399159725) 27.95. His popular protagonist John Wells is sent to uncharted territory in East Africa to track down four American hostages and, perhaps, avert an American invasion of Somalia. I am so, so sorry, but I cannot resist the siren call. "You're motorin', What's your price for flight?, In finding Mister Right, You'll be alright tonight." Please forgive me . . .


(Like many jobs, occasionally you wonder if your customers appreciate what you do for them. Last Friday, I was told something so inspirational by one of my favourite customers that I had to share it. She said, "Mick, sometimes you really do serve a purpose." High praise indeed. This is what keeps me going.)
1) CIVILWARLAND IN BAD DECLINE . . . There was a great disturbance in the Force yesterday when the second season of George Arr Arr Martin's A Game of Thrones was released on DVD. I have my copy and it's pretty good so far. Of course this means we should see an uptick in sales on his books yet again:

A Game of Thrones (9780553381689) 18.00

A Clash of Kings (9780553381696) 17.00

A Storm of Swords (9780553381702) 17.00

A Feast for Crows (9780553582031) 17.00

Also, to noone's great surprise, the fifth book in the series, A Dance with Dragons (9780553801477) 35.00 has been delayed in paperback until October 29. Don't hold your breath. However, in the meantime, this little ditty may amuse you: . Oh, and Winter is Coming!

2) PASTORALIA . . . The hits keep coming from Hitsville, USA. Yet another book about Detroit, Heart Soul Detroit: Conversations on the Motor City (9781938018008) 44.95 edited by Matt Lee looks like it will rock our local bestseller lists. They are being printed overseas and we should have them in stock by mid-March. If you would like a preview, you can take a peek here: . Backorders are already piling up.

Odds & Sods

Beloved young adult author Ally Carter stopped in last Friday to sign copies of her latest title, Perfect Scoundrels (9781423166009) 17.99 and our remaining stock on her previous hardcover, Out of Sight, Out of Time (9781423147947) 16.99. As per usual, they are sold on a first come, first served basis . . .

Last week, Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the 5 Love Languages (9780802473158) 14.99 popped in on Oprah's LifeclassTM and gave her the 5 Love Languages test. And, of course, we sold out of his book shortly thereafter. We should have stock early next week . . .

Chris Kyle's American Sniper (9780062238863) 9.99 is in the warehouse . . . 

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