Thursday, February 10, 2011

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*News From the Glamorous World of Bookselling*

"[Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction' was] so crass and so sleazy that Fox television is launching its own investigation [as to] why they didn't do it first . . ."
--Craig Kilborn, on the Super Bowl halftime incident

So Double D invites me over to his mom's basement to watch Super Bowl MXLVIICC, I take the stairs two at a time, and at the bottom, I'm greeted by a wall of incense.

I'm like, "Dude, you still have some of that Eat Pray LoveTM incense left? I thought you were done with that crap?"

Double D says, "Well, Elizabeth Gilbert's Committed (9780143118701) 16.00 was just released in tradepaper . . ."

I jump in, "Good. Hopefully she'll be committed to a dank, dark dungeon where she'll never be able to write anything ever again."

Doctor Delay is taken aback, "Dude, that's harsh."

I change the subject, "So who's doing the play by play?"

"Captain Obvious and Jack Buck's kid."

"Ugh. I hate Troy Aikman. Hey dude, Christina Aguilera is getting ready to sing the National Anthem. Wow, she's tastefully dressed, there are flags waving in the background, and her voice sounds great. There's no way the media can criticize her this time."

Double D notes, "She just flubbed a line."

I shake my head, "Man, that chick just can't buy a break."

We watch a series of commercials, I gobble a bunch of cheese and sausage hor d'oeuvres that Double D's mom had made, and then, its finally kickoff.

I scarf some more of the cheese doodles, "Dude, I have some massive munchies. Hey, who are we supposed to be cheering for?"

Double D explains, "Sam says the Green Bay Packers. We're getting at least four different titles if they win the Super Bowl. KCI's The Pack Is Back (9780983198550) 24.95 and Return to Titletown (9781600786419) 14.95 by Triumph will be in stock within a few days of the game. Their Return to Titletown Collector's Edition (9781600786464) 24.95 will be in stock on February 17. Finally, the biography of the Pack's legendary quarterback, Aaron Rodgers (9781600786457) 22.95 will be available in March."

I say, "Wow, impressive wingspan. Then here are some old fan favourites."
Packers By The Numbers (9781879483903) 19.95
Packers Essentials (9781572437357) 19.95
100 Things Every Packers Fan Should Know (9781600783982) 14.95
Green Bay Packers 101 (9781607301110) 11.95
Go Pack Go (9781932888942) 14.95

Double D appears shocked, "Dude, you're like some kind of idiot savant."

Odds & Sods

I stole this from Shelf Awareness, but it's just too funny not to pass along: http://www.malcolmgladwell/ 
Warning: The language may be too salty for some. Heh, heh . . .

I was saddened to learn that author Brian Jacques passed away. My daughter and I met Mr. Jacques several years ago at Nicola's Books on one of his author tours. He spent the first 15 minutes entertaining kids and adults alike with his stand-up routine. I don't think I've ever laughed harder in my life. Finally he signed copies of his latest book and we found him to be quite gracious when we met him face to face. His last book The Rogue Crew (9780399254161) 23.99 will be on-sale on May 3.

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