Thursday, January 20, 2011

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*News From the Glamorous World of Bookselling*

"Beneath these branches
I once wrote such childish words for you . . ."
--Curtains, Bernie Taupin

The term 'hero' seems to be bandied about a lot these days. I have two stories at the bottom of the page that compare and contrast the use of this title, but first, let's get to the books. We have a lot going on . . .

1) GROW SOME FUNK OF YOUR OWN . . . Since Brad Meltzer's Decoded and Ancient Aliens both aired on Wednesday night on the History Channel, it was known around our household as tinfoil hat night. There's a new episode of Decoded on tonight, but you may be aware that host Brad Meltzer has a real job too. He writes bestsellers. Brad's new book is called Inner Circle (9780446577892) 26.99 and I hear that you receive a free roll of aluminum foil with every purchase. (It's already the #1 Fiction title on the Barnes & Noble bestseller list.)

2) SHINE ON THROUGH . . . I have to hand it to the publishers of the Newbery and Caldecott winners. Clare Vanderpool's Moon Over Manifest (9780385738835) 16.99, which won the Newbery, is already back in stock. And the Steads, who hail from Ann Arbor, MI, will have their Caldecott winner A Sick Day for Amos McGee (9781596434028) 16.99 in our warehouse tomorrow. Albert Bitterman's Fortune Cookies (9781416968146) 14.99, which should have been nominated for some sort of award, is in stock. Albert Bitterman is the pseudonym for Pete Puma, who is also the owner of the children's bookstore The Reading Reptile. Show a little support for your fellow independent bookseller and please stock his book, too . . .

3) I'VE SEEN THAT MOVIE TOO . . . I saw True Grit (9781590204597) 14.95, which was outstanding, but then I love everything the Coen brothers do. However, one of the trailers for upcoming movies featured Sara Gruen's Water For Elephants (9781565125605) 14.95, which intrigued me at first, and then I saw that the lead is Robert Pattison, and I was like, 'No thanks.' Both of these titles are selling well and are back in stock. We had Roslund & Hellstorm's Three Seconds (9781402785924) 24.95 come in too, and from what I understand, they are bigger than Steig Larsson and the Beatles in Sweden . . .

Now back to the 'hero' thing. According to the New York Times, there was a security camera that videotaped the shooting in Tucson, AZ. Apparently, in the video, it shows Judge Roll moving between the shooter and one of Giffords' aides, shielding the aide from the bullets. Now that is a hero. In contrast, this link leads to two celebrities that some people consider heroes and 'ugh' says it all:

Odds & Sods

After years of waiting, Paul Clemens' new book, Punching Out (9780385521154) 25.95 is finally available. You may recall that he wrote Made In Detroit (9781400075966) 13.95, which I feel is still the most realistic unflinching portrait of the city of Detroit. (The movie Grand Torino is pretty good too.)

You may recall that some time ago a Catholic priest in Miami was caught in photos on the beach with a woman and they were obviously more than just friends. The priest was Albert Cutie and he tells his side of the story in his new book Dilemma (9780451232014) 25.95. With a name like Cutie and his obvious good looks, I think he may have chosen the wrong vocation . . .

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