Thursday, June 24, 2010

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*News From the Glamorous World of Bookselling*
"[T]he government of the United States of America is not founded in any sense on the Christian religion . . ."
--Article 11, Treaty of Tripoli
1) THE JAMES PATTERSONTM BLUES . . . I was going to do a whole comedic bit on James Patterson's™ latest title Swimsuit (9780446561365) 14.99. I was going to say that with all the good titles already taken that Mr. Patterson™ is just plucking out random nouns as the title of his upcoming books. I thought Sofa sounded good, and maybe its sequel would have been called Coffee Table. And as for The 8th Confession (9780446561334) 14.99, I had cooked up a whole scenario where The Women's Murder Club investigated a suspicious death at a hotdog eating contest, and I had settled on naming this one, The 9th Hotdog. But then, I like Mike Heuer, our Hachette guy, and I wouldn't want to put him through this trauma. Also, I actually have some pretty hot books that I need to tell you about, so I'll save it for another day . . .

2) LOVE STORY . . . CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen has written a book that details his own and his wife's tragic fight against Alzheimer's disease in his book, Jan's Story (9781933016443) 15.95. They thought their marriage would last forever, but instead, within two years of her diagnosis, she could not even remember her husband's name. If this story doesn't break your heart, you don't have one. Of course with his ties to the media, Mr. Petersen has been getting some solid publicity. We have a limited quantity of this book available and after those copies are gone, the reprint is not due for another two weeks. . .

3) REMOTE CONTROL . . . Jan McAdams Huttenstine's Remotely Yours: A Historic Journey into the Whitefish Point Area (9780984417704) 24.95 should be a prerequsite for any bookstore or giftshop in Michigan's upper peninsula. Similar in format to Arcadia's Images of America series, this title packs as much Michigan history as you can fit between two covers. Also, it is proudly printed in Michigan...

4) BLAZING SADDLES . . . Can you believe that it has been ten years since Kathy-jo Wargin's Legend of Mackinac Island (9781585365173) 17.95 first came out? Me either. "Oh, it's twue. It's twue. It's twue, it's twue." And the really nice thing about this new 10th Anniversary Edition is that the book comes complete with a DVD featuring Jeff Daniels reading this Michigan classic for the same price as the original.

Odds & Sods

This is one thing that you're e-reader can't do: autographed books.

Linda Greenlaw, author of Seaworthy (9780670021925) 25.95 popped in here last Friday and signed copies of her book. Outgoing and down to earth, she had all of us in stitches.

We still have signed copies of Twesigye Jackson Kaguri's The Price of Stones (9780670021840) 25.95.

And can you help a brother out? J.D. is one of our favourite book reps and we still have autographed editions of The Cardturner (9780385736626) 17.99.

Be the first on your block to collect 'em all!

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